hey, mrs. brightside

Let’s shout it out together: Mamma Penning doesn’t have MS. We are still convinced there is something to this whole small brain thing though, right mom?

Seriously though, dazed and confused steeped in relief sums it up. The short of the long is that Cathy doesn’t have MS and she doesn’t have Dementia. Mom will go through a battery of tests that the neurologist has ordered. He is specifically looking at blood clotting issues that could help prevent something more serious later on. I guess I won’t share too much of my mother’s personal medical history on the world wide web. :)

Anyway, thank you all for the many inquiries of concern over the past couple of weeks. It’s a small, or maybe large, reminder to enjoy the brightsides of life everyday so that we keep a deep reserve to draw from when things get a little cloudy.

Love you mom….soon to be Abuela to four more cuties! This little episode doesn’t get you out of visiting Colombia this summer. Nice try.

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  1. Hallelujah! Seriously, we are so happy Cathy is on the mend and not “dimented!” If your Mom backs out of the Columbia thing, call me. I’ll use her ticket in a heartbeat. Columbia or bust!

  2. Great news for Cathy. I found it amusing that Adam and Rachel, both well-educated AND well-versed, are as yet too young to even know how to spell “dementia!” Sad to say, that as Adam’s mom, I am old enough to have seen it enough to know how to spell it! I may soon hit the stage to also know what it is all about! Love, Mom Mc.

  3. You see, Dementia is that whole growing old thing, while Dimensia has to do with spatial awareness. :) I knew I got an engineering degree for something – easy to explain things away when you have letters after your name (JD, PE, MBA, Ph.D., etc.).

  4. I must say that one of the reasons we love you guys is….that you are total nerds! Adam thanks for giving my hubby someone to talk nerd with! (Spacial awareness) I am now rolling my eyes!

  5. Hey, I just read Rachel’s posting about the nerd thing! I’m a McCracken too, you know! Am I a nerd because I started the comments about “dimensia” vs. “dementia?” Adam said “spatial” and Valerie said “spacial”–does spelling well and witticisms about misspellings constitute nerdiness? Well, I know Rachel is not a nerd, so there!

    “Some measure of nerdiness is widely considered desirable, because it suggests a person who is intelligent, respectful, interesting, and able to earn a large salary. This evolution has dovetailed with waning emphasis on the social awkwardness of nerds, with more attention placed on their intelligence and academic enthusiasm.” This from a highly renowned and impeachable source–Wikipedia! Now, Adam is a nerd, wouldn’t you agree? And I am not, because I am seemingly unable to earn a large salary–but I do aspire to a nerdy career choice, a children’s librarian, so I am positioning myself towards nerdiness. I will contemplate this while I cruise to Mexico this coming week! –Mom Mc

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