who’s a nerd?

At first I thought my super good friend Valerie’s comment (see comments on hey, mrs. brightside post) referred to Adam and Jeremy, her hubby, as nerds, which I am used to. But then I took a closer look, and no, no, she referred to The McCracken’s (that is plural, and possesive I guess, in my universe) as nerds. This is something new and different for me. And I am not quite sure how I feel about it.

Has my smartness *British style* turned to nerdiness? Is this phenomenon a virtue of me growing into my thirties? Maybe it is because I am married to a genius? Or perhaps it is simply because I have lost my kick-ass (sorry moms) globe trekking abilities, which has severely dampened my cool factor?

I have been called many things in three decades: a brainiac, a word snob, type A, well-read, and even miss bossy pants. All of these adjectives have boosted my self-confidence. But a nerd? Come on Val, is that really what you think of me? Is that really all you’ve got? *enter witty retorts*

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  1. Well maybe if I had cool letters after my name (JD, PE, MBA, Ph.D., etc.) I could explain that comment away! But alas I do not! So all I can say is that our husbands are the ones who talk nerd and you are the coolest miss bossy pants that I know!

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