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Adam and I would like to acknowledge our mothers this weekend. They are both shining examples of unconditional love and conviction. So without further adieu, the following spotlights two of our most favorite women.


Name: Catherine Ann Penning

Occupation: 1st grade teacher a.k.a angel on earth

Favorite Pasttime: Chasing dad around the kitchen island with a spatula shouting, “James, I’m gonna get you.”

I love my mother. I remember being in the seventh grade and still loving my mother. In contrast, all of my friends were at war with their moms. They ‘hated’ them and did everything they could to make their lives miserable. I never felt that way. I liked being around my mom and I always felt that she liked to spend time with me as well. She has supported me through such decisions as serving a mission, trekking the globe, moving to Las Vegas, adopting four kids from a far away place, and deciding to homeschool them. Some of these decisions were a little easier to support than others, but she has always trusted my instincts and my ablility to discern what is right for my life’s path. And for that, mother, I am forever indebted to you.


Name: Debra McCracken

Occupation: Librarian

Favorite Pasttime: Scrapbooking, or rather purchasing scrapbook supplies and dreaming of the day she can use them without fear of little terrorists a.k.a Quinn and Zoe.

I also love my mom. She has been an example to me from my earliest memories. She has picked me up and bandaged plenty of knees and elbows. She has supported me emotionally, spiritually, and financially! Though I know she has thought I’m crazy with my hikes and canyon adventures (sorry about that Chrismas Eve mishap, Mom!), she has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and let me know that there is nothing in the world, except for the limits I place on myself, to stop me. I am proud of her for taking on the added stress of getting her Master’s degree now, after sacrificing it earlier in life to raise me and my siblings. I love you mom, and will be eternally grateful for the love you have shared with me.

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  1. Well–blush blush, thank you, sweeties. A very kind tribute, although it still won’t get Adam entirely off the hook for being missing in the mountains on Christmas Eve a few years back! I have forgiven but not forgotten! At least the Lord knew Rachel was in the wings for him (not to mention four children in Colombia!). I love you both. Mom Mc

  2. Ditto I must say even though mom and I had our fair share of problems I was never one that hated her! She was always there even when I was being a big twerp huh rach!!! Of course I was the baby so I’m allowed to be a twerp every once in a while right!

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