, you just lost our business

Yeah, that’s right, you heard us. We have many friends and family who have generously provided us with hundreds of dollars in Target gift cards for our adoption. This has been a huge blessing for us because we live in Logan, UT where there is not currently a Target store. We are in the process of picking and purchasing a point-and-shoot digital camera for our trip to Colombia. So logically we decided to use some of our Target money to purchase the camera we were looking for.

Adam just tried purchasing the item online at, but was unable to use the number of gift cards it would require. Okay, understandable. Adam then called customer service so that they could help him finish the purchase over the phone. Pretty simple, right? Not asking much. We are wanting and willing to give Target a few hundred dollars.

What was the call center’s response, you ask? “Well, maybe you could go to a Target store and combine the gift cards there.” There was a small exchange over us not having a Target, and something about how they use the exact same screen we use to order things so there is absolutely no possible way to override the system….blah blah blah! When Adam asked to speak to a superior, he was met with the “our calls are recorded for quality….”

The bottom line: we’re buying our camera from B&H, which we prefer anyway. The same camera is $50 cheaper, there is no sales tax, and shipping takes less time. Oh yeah, we love B&H and have never been dissappointed with their service. Buy all your camera stuff from them–they’re great!

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