Long Time Gone! – Olympic National Park – August 2014

It’s been too long, and many things have happened. First, my old implementation of Gallery2 is no longer supported in WordPress, so I’m going to try use a new photo/media manager. If you can’t see the pics, please let me know. I’ll probably try a few until I find the right one.

We went to Kalaloch in August. We had a great time camping, visiting Ruby Beach, the Hoh rain forest, and a few other sites.The campground is very tight quarters, but a really pretty place. It was my first time there, and a revisit for the Penning crew. We hiked the Hoh River trail and explored some great places. We even saw a monster elk, munching away at grass near the trail.

Hoh Rain Forest, Ruby Beach, lots of fun!

another forever…


Growth. Family. Grace. Forever.
Isn’t this the best picture ever? We had a blast at our ‘after party.’ Thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend the sealing. The children felt very special and safe and loved. And that makes me smile! We sure love our family and friends. We are so blessed to have such amazingness all around us. :)




victoria’s baptism


We drove up to Washington in March for Victoria’s baptism. I try to make it to as many special events as I can. After all, that’s what a Penning does. That’s what my parents taught me to do. And I enjoy doing it. I really really like my family…especially my nieces and nephews! I suppose that being Anutie for so many years before getting married helped solidify their places in my heart. :)


ones you have yet to meet


Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Harvey
Terrace Heights Cemetary (July 2010)

I know how much Grandma Harvey would have adored the ninos (and does from afar now). She would have called them her precious little angels. She passed away in 2003, nine months before Adam and I got married. Grandpa Harvey passed away Christmas 2007, just eight months before we traveled to Bogota. He was the gruff, WWII type. You know, the guy who was tough on the outside, but a teddy bear on the inside. The guy who would give you the shirt off his back and the shoes off his feet. He and Nikki would have been best buddies. I can see her sneaking her way onto his lap and into his heart.


Can’t wait for the ninos to meet them in person one day. For now, pictures and stories will have to suffice.

Mr. Stink

The setting: Last night, driving home in the truck.
The player: Juan P

“Hey Mom, before we go to Aunt Jaimee’s house, can I take a shower so I don’t stink the baby?”

Yes, you read that correctly, Juan wants to make sure that his new cousin is protected from the stink.

We love you Mr. Stink. And yes, please take a shower. Many.

master of the library


Adam’s mom, Grandma McCracken, earned a Master of Library Science degree this year. We came home from our summer vacation to specifically celebrate this momentous occasion. We would not have missed it for the world. Debbi has worked so hard over the past two years to accomplish this rigorous degree. She has a great love for books, and for learning. What an example she is to our children, as we try to teach them that one is never too young, or too old, to accomplish the things he or she desires.



Congratulations, Grandma McCracken. We are sooooo proud of you!