another forever…


Growth. Family. Grace. Forever.
Isn’t this the best picture ever? We had a blast at our ‘after party.’ Thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend the sealing. The children felt very special and safe and loved. And that makes me smile! We sure love our family and friends. We are so blessed to have such amazingness all around us. :)




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  1. The pictures are beautiful…so sad we had to miss out on this “forever” occasion. Everytime my kids hear that they are having a day off of school in the future they ask if we can go visit you and their cousins in St George! You should come beach camping with us at the end of the month! It’ll be lots of fun! Or you could stay at my house and sleep in our beds and then just come up for the day!

  2. What a wonderful experience: so excited and happy for all of you! Everyone looks great: can’t believe how big the ninos are getting! I’m glad you are a forever family: that has got to be a great feeling! Lots of love being sent your way and so glad to see that all is well. :)

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