what has happened to me?

We are now in our second two-week dinner menu. I would say that my husband is VERY happy. Why? Because I am not only “cooking” more, but also adding sides to our meals. I grew up with sides on the table. We always had a salad on the table and fruit or vegetables or rolls. I, however, am a one dish woman!

With a growing family, however, I see the great need to help stretch our main dishes by adding easy sides to the mix. And, honestly, it is yummier. And I have cultivated great little chefs in the kitchen to help me. So, I am RESOLVED!

This week’s menu:

Cheesy Chili-Mac
w/garlic bread and corn

Turkey Jo’s
w/ sweet potato fries and fruit salad

Baked Potato Bar

w/potatos, green salad, and dinner rolls

Chicken Kebobs
w/ rice and peaches and pears

w/ rice-a-roni, applesauce, and green beans

w/ chips and salsa and corn

………and so and so forth. See, nothing spectacular. Just yummy staples that everyone loves. But I’m sticking to it. And that is the very best part. Well, I’m off to boil pasta for our Chili Mac.

two pounds closer

two pounds closer to my goal. Minus two pounds this week. YES!

1. Logged my food everyday.
2. Stayed slightly under my calorie goal everyday except at grandma’s bday…only 70 calories over.
3. Stayed off the scale most days.

Feel pretty good about my progress. I know it could be faster if I exercised more, but I feel like I can handle what I’m doing for now.

Day 10

Wahoo! I DID it. I hit 10 POUNDS on my 10th day!

*I did not cheat…not even one time

*I feel really good.

*I’ll do it again before the Holidays, only this time I am going to juice most of it, and Adam is going to do it with me. :)


Day 9

Down EIGHT pounds…with one day to go!

*so close to the end of the cleanse that i want to eat everything…not because i’m craving it, but because i’m almost done. isn’t that lame? :)

Day 9, torture!

Day 8

I’m almost there, and yet I have so far to go. I lost another .5 lb this morning.

But menstruation also hit this morning. I am shocked that feeling so icky and bloated hasn’t really affected the scale this morning. Although, I am hoping that in a few days when the yuckiness has passed, I will see an even bigger loss to account for how my body is feeling. I also can’t believe that I am not going nuts for chocolate and chips right now. My lady friends know how tough these few days of the month are. I’ll be honest, and say I had a diet coke at lunch today. And I don’t feel bad. It fixed the sodium craving, and soothed my sore throat that always accompanies the period. (I know. The sore throat is weird–convinced it is tied to my infertility somehow)

Day 8…YUCKY, but made it through

Day 7

*No weight loss today, but feeling awesome.
*I haven’t craved ice cream, not even one time the past few days. That is truly amazing!

I also think I am getting over “having to have” an animal protein source. I’ve been eating enough beans that it has become less of an issue. And, I went to lunch with Jaime Lynne at Cheescake Factory where I had a Skinnylicious salad for only 500 calories. DELICIOUS!

Day 7…really great, for a Monday

Day 6

Yay! Yay! Yay! Three more pounds gone. A total of 6.5 at this point. That’s reward for not caving at the picnic. But then there are the homemade cinnamon rolls I had to shun at Scarlett’s baby blessing. How did I do it? I don’t know. I just did it. And it wasn’t even that hard. I kept my mind focused on the best parts of the party like watching the kids have fun, and having great conversations with people. Only three more pounds to be back to my starting point. I really needed this to kick me in gear again. And it has!

*I didn’t even get a significant protein source in today, and I still did fine. I had one avocado slice, but that was it.

Day 6….awesome!

Day 5

Oh, Day 5. Half-way there, but it was a struggle today.

*no weight loss on the scale…I know I can’t expect it everyday, but going into to the weekend it would’ve been nice to be rewarded. :)

*picnic in the mountains with the most extraordinary looking desserts. Oh, the peanut butter chocolate bars!!!! But it was all watermelon for this lady.

My cravings for things seem to be gone. Maybe I’m just in mission mode. I know I will finish the 10 day program, but I want the non-cravings to last. At least, I feel like sugar isn’t keeping me going through the day. That’s a bonus. And I am significantly less hungry.

Day 5….scraped my way through.


another half pound lost…and feeling good. The protein is essential for my particular body. I feel so much better with it.

*I did have a diet soda today, but didn’t want the icky water with my lunch.

*I tried the grilled chicken salad at Port of Subs. It was really really good. Although I did want chips soooo bad because I always get chips with my sandwich there.

*no exercise today.

Day 4–just okay!

day 3

Today shows a loss of three pounds. I didn’t see any loss on day 1 or 2, which is to be expected. I know part of that loss is water weight, but honestly, I’m so full of water from drinking, and from the fruit, I can’t imagine it being more than a pound of it.

*as long as I have my ice water with me, I feel less like having to “drive thru”, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a Sonic Diet Coke, or any other delicious concoction, in the middle of a Las Vegas afternoon.

*i really really want homemade bread. :)

*my ‘need’ for sugar has been minimal, and my protein crave has lessened as I’ve added a small portion to one meal of the day.

–fruit medley for breakfast
–cafe rio salad for lunch…no tortilla, no rice, no guac, and no dressing. I did have a little grilled chicken and black beans for my daily protein boost. I really do much better that way.
–garden vegetable soup for afternoon snack
–two small red potatoes with salsa on top for dinner

Day 3, encouraging! :)