day 3

Today shows a loss of three pounds. I didn’t see any loss on day 1 or 2, which is to be expected. I know part of that loss is water weight, but honestly, I’m so full of water from drinking, and from the fruit, I can’t imagine it being more than a pound of it.

*as long as I have my ice water with me, I feel less like having to “drive thru”, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a Sonic Diet Coke, or any other delicious concoction, in the middle of a Las Vegas afternoon.

*i really really want homemade bread. :)

*my ‘need’ for sugar has been minimal, and my protein crave has lessened as I’ve added a small portion to one meal of the day.

–fruit medley for breakfast
–cafe rio salad for lunch…no tortilla, no rice, no guac, and no dressing. I did have a little grilled chicken and black beans for my daily protein boost. I really do much better that way.
–garden vegetable soup for afternoon snack
–two small red potatoes with salsa on top for dinner

Day 3, encouraging! :)

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