day 2


*No diet coke craving. Although, I did have some crystal light toward the evening.

*I did much better drinking more water. Although, now I have to pee a lot more.

*I ate 1350 calories today. Much better than the meager 800 yesterday. I added a small amount of walnuts, which helped boost my calories…and sustained me through the morning. I also had double the soup portion this evening…but it was soooo good, and soooo low in calories.

*kudos to me for not breaking the rules even though Adam came home from China today, and we went out to eat. Oh, and I made him homemade bread that I have yet to taste. I will be a bread making fiend when this is over. :)

Day 2–easier.

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  1. Jess – YES it’s suppose to be just fruits and veggies only but Rach said her body was REALLY craving protein so I told her to just eat some if she ever feels that way but limit it! Also the rules are simple – eat only fruits or veggies, eat until your full, as much of it blended as you can but I always had to have salad, raw veggies and fruit to get through it – couldn’t do JUST the blended had to feel like I was eating something! And it’s for 10 days – THAT’S IT!!! :) I lost 8lbs in 10 days and I don’t have a ton to lose so for a smaller weight I thought that was pretty good! Rach probably could double my lbs lost and she has already lost 3lbs as of today (the 3rd day)!!! Anyway thought I’d answer your questions since I’m sure my sis is busy w/her hubby now that she has him back :)

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