cleanse, shmeanse

How did I let my sister talk me into a 10-day Fruit/Veggie CLEANSE? Seriously! Totally not me! And I am totally doing it! And I will plot it out here on the blog so that I can remember that although it’s 10 days, it’s ONLY 10 days! And it will be worth it. Or so they say! :)


I have only consumed 800 calories so far, and that is really really trying. I’ve already eaten dinner so how am I going to get to 1600? I need to have a bigger breakfast tomorrow. I only had a banana today. That will help.

I’m dreaming of caramelized apples drizzled with cinnamon, green peppers dipped in salsa, and plain air-popped popcorn. Which should I have tonight?

Overall, Day 1, not hard!

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