Day 8

I’m almost there, and yet I have so far to go. I lost another .5 lb this morning.

But menstruation also hit this morning. I am shocked that feeling so icky and bloated hasn’t really affected the scale this morning. Although, I am hoping that in a few days when the yuckiness has passed, I will see an even bigger loss to account for how my body is feeling. I also can’t believe that I am not going nuts for chocolate and chips right now. My lady friends know how tough these few days of the month are. I’ll be honest, and say I had a diet coke at lunch today. And I don’t feel bad. It fixed the sodium craving, and soothed my sore throat that always accompanies the period. (I know. The sore throat is weird–convinced it is tied to my infertility somehow)

Day 8…YUCKY, but made it through

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