the downside of up


How can there possibly be any downsides to finishing a 1/2 marathon? Oh that’s right, you have to keep up the hard work you put in OR ELSE! Yeah, I’ll admit it. The only thing I’ve participated in the past two weeks that comes close to exercise is a 5k (Race for the Cure) this past Saturday in Las Vegas. You’re probably thinking that is pretty amazing of me, right? WRONG! It’s the only thing I’ve done. I haven’t walked, jogged, biked, or crawled since Salt Lake. And that wouldn’t be so bad if I had continued eating the 1600 calories/day that my body was so used to. Oh noooo, I have to go on  ‘vacation’, which is just another term for driving long distances, visiting family and friends, and eating all the time. Sheesh!!! I feel super crappy right now, and I’m the only one to blame. I’m sure I’ve gained a few pounds, and I’m determined to jump back on the exercise train as soon as I get back to Logan. *much encouragement needed*

Okay, enough lamenting. We had a great time particpating in Race with all our friends. Here are a few of my favorite pics!!!

30423049305530583064307930823091We also made an after-race stop at IHOP. Jeremy ordered the healthiest of us all with an egg-white omelet and fruit. Adam entertained Carter by letting him jump off the chair onto the ground. The entire DeMarco clan joined in, making us a party of 18.

For me, the best part about moving back to Las Vegas are moments like this. Adam and I have an amazing circle of friends–they are family. We vacation together. We worship together. We support each other. We laugh and cry together. I miss my family and living near them desperately. I get very sad when thinking of leaving my sister and her family in Logan. I want so badly to someday move back to the Northwest. I would not, however, trade my life as it is right now for anything. This is our home, and we feel strongly that this is the best decision for our family. Fortunately, we have the best of friends, which makes the move so much easier.

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  1. YAY! You’re moving back! I’m sure Logan Jaimee is not nearly as excited as Vegas Jaime.

    The race looked like a lot of fun. Hopefully we’ll see you – and the silver stretch pants – next year. :)

  2. I am so glad that I did the 5K with you guys! I have been training now and I hope to be able to run the whole thing next time! I can’t wait for when you guys are here and we can do yoga and train for races together! You look so great BTW! You deserve a little break. Now lets keep going!

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