a night out in Portland


After our foiled hiking, Adam and I were ready for something spectacular. We found it in Powells Books in downtown Portland. It really is the “City of Books”. They have an info board and complimentarty maps to help find your way around. The best part about it was that instead of one shelf of adoption books, we scored four shelves. The same went for homeschooling. Adam spied an entire aisle of Chinese books…everything from reference books to childrens books to adult literature. I had to drag him away. We’ll go back, honey, I promise. Anyway, we came away with some fabulous resources, some of which were half price because they were used. It was AWESOME!!! We also had dinner at Claim Jumper (of course) with Dan and Jes. I tried something new–surprising, I know. I had the Jamaican Sweet Potatoe. It was yummy…and a super healthy option. And yes, Dan’s platter really was that big. At least the food didn’t go to waste–he got a couple of lunches out of the left-overs. Regardless, it was totally picture worthy.


Thanks for hangin’, Davenports. A special thanks for chauffering us to Powells, especially on a ‘school night’. We know how overwhelming the store is when you aren’t looking for something specific. We are so glad you’re our friends. Now if we could do something about the Las Vegas heat. I fear it’s the only way to get you to move south.

Oh yeah, Jes and I scrapped some of baby Georgie’s pictures on Tuesday before we headed home, but Adam hasn’t downloaded the pics yet. I’m honored that she lets me participate in such a sacred memorial. Aunt Rach misses you baby!!!

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  1. Ummmm…are you meaning to tell me that you were in Portland and you didn’t call me???? Shame on you!!! I haven’t seen you since before you were married!! I know how vacations get…and I’m sure you were very busy…but you’ll have to let me know next time you’re headed this way. I would love to see you!

  2. Sounds like I missed out!!! Glad your having such a great time Rach and just so you know we had a beautiful day today it was in the 70’s oh how I loved it! Also Brian & I had to give the prayers in Sacrament and I actually got up and bore my testimony for the first time in like I don’t know over 10 years! I wish you were here to witness it but I’m so glad your having a fun time you guys deserve it!! Take Care

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