Umm, maybe the snow IS too deep…


The plan was to explore Falls Creek Falls, a (we have read & heard) beautiful waterfall not too far from Stevenson, Washington. It is also not too far from Panther Creek Falls (aka Davenport Falls), which we visited last fall.

As we drove further up the road, there were patches of snow in the forest, but overall it didn’t look too bad. One guidebook claimed year-round access, so I wasn’t too worried. Imagine our surprise when we found the last two miles to the trailhead covered in 2-3 feet of snow. I guess we won’t be making that hike today.

We did have an enjoyable drive back to Dan and Jessica’s though and were able to catch a great view from the aptly named “High Bridge,” where the road crosses over the Wind River. The high snowpack is feeding a strong river that is running a bit higher than in the past. Looks like an awesome place for a bungee jump!

Coming back into Stevenson, we came to the Davenport’s home. They have an unbeatable view from the front yard, with the Gorge and the Columbia River spread out before them. This is a beautiful place! Now, if they could just do something about the rain…


3 Replies to “Umm, maybe the snow IS too deep…”

  1. Yeah I’ve been looking everday waiting for a new post and to see fun things from your trip! We miss you here in Loganville, and the weather has been gorgious the last few days sunny and very warm we hope your having fun and love you guys!

  2. Wow, what gorgeous pictures. I would love to live somewhere so green! We just don’t get those views here in Vegas. Oh well, we’ll just have to travel there. Beautiful!!!

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