don’t do it, rach!


Those are the oh so infamous words from my dear friend, Jena, repeated many times to me the week before the 1/2 marathon. All I wanted was a little diet coke….just a little. Thanks for the support, friend. Soda is obviously one of the worst things to have before a race because of it’s sodium content. Instead, I hydrated like a maniac. Unfortunately, we all went out to dinner the night before and had chips, beans and yummy chimichangas…not smart. So I think those two things cancelled each other out. :) Regardless, the SLC Marathon was a huge success. We all finished, some of us faster than others, but we all completed what we set out to do. How rewarding, right?

I cannot express how important accomplishing this goal was for me. In some respects it has given me some much needed closure to all the ickyness I’ve felt the past few years. I have purposely not done as much as I’m capable of…all in an attempt to feel better after each miscarriage. Obviously, that didn’t work very well. Having a goal, working hard for it, and then accomplishing it has reminded me how capable I am of doing whatever I want. The only limitations are those we place on ourselves–how true this really is? Some of you might say you could never walk/jog/run/crawl 13 miles, but really you could. You know that. The question is, what would motivate you to do it? We all have a price, and mine was the thought of a happier, healthier, stronger me. Me, only better!!!


As for the race itself, I learned a few things for my next race: 1. use the bathroom one more time before, no matter what; 2. make sure the room’s a/c is working so I can actually sleep for a few hours; 3. drink water at EVERY station, don’t skip the first one; 4. don’t rub my callouses off in the shower two weeks before the race–really, really stupid of me, and boy do I have the big daddy of all blisters to prove it; 5. sunscreen up, even if I’m wearing a visor.

This post would not be complete without discussing our post-race dinner. Dave and Jena treated everyone to Rodizio Grill @ Trolley Square. Oh man, food has never tasted so good. And you better believe Jena and I had Soda!!! The food was absolutely scrumptious, the company was delightful, and once again we are reminded how important friendship and family is to us. Thanks Again, Demarcos, not only for dinner, but for inviting us to participate in the race and for being such a good influence for good in our lives.

Jaimee and Randi–my quasi-training partners were also completely inspirational. There is no way I could have kept going all 12 weeks without my training buddies. We had so much fun groaning about our workouts and then feeling completely rewarded when we finished them. I am so very proud of both of you mamas. You are 1/2 marathon moms, that’s huge!!! Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Well, my next run is the Race for the Cure 5K in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I’m also running that with Dave and Jena–Adam might even join me on this one. First, I need to work on these sore muscles though. Maybe a massage, tomorrow!!! In my dreams. :)


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  1. You are an inspiration!! Just so you know, I just organized a Fitness Group for my Enrichment Activities, and I have a lady coaching us to run a 5k. So I start tomorrow with the 8 week program. It is not 13 miles, but it is a start. And with the way I feel lately, I really need it. It is amazing what trials and sadness can do to our bodies. I feel awful inside and out. Congrats! You look and sound great!

  2. So yes you were amazing and you are the reason I even did it in the first place! I would of never even known about it if it wasn’t for you yet you wouldn’t of known if it wasn’t for Jena so I think we all have a place in eachother’s life for a reason! Your the greatest sis and thanks for being my training buddy! Good job on Saturday I’m so proud of you!

  3. Rachel, I must tell you how glad I am to be your friend. You are so strong and amazing! When we were first married I was sad that none of my married friends were here to hang out with. But you guys were so great and welcomed me into your group! every time I see an outback I remember when we first met to go on a double date! Thanks for being an inspiration and a friend!

  4. Yay Rachel! You are awesome. What a neat post! I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for all of your help and support. You are the reason I did it also! I’m with Jaimee, because of you we did this and because of you we are all happier, healthier people! Thanks for being you!

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