White Pass


Tio Brian and I took Danny, Ezzy, and Brooklynn up to White Pass on our Christmas vacation. It was the first time for the whole McFamily. It was Brooky’s 2nd time and about the 10,000th time for Brian :) We had a blast. Danny was a natural – he went with Brian and Brooky on a longer, higher run, while Ezzy and I got lots of practice on the lower slope.

Brian got some pictures also that can be seen on the Hirschi’s blog. Stay tuned for more Christmas adventures!


3 Replies to “White Pass”

  1. I want to know what Danny isn’t a natural at. White Pass, oh the memories. That’s where I tried to learn to ski about once a year, for 5 years or so. Never enough practice to get good out, just enought to get really cold and sore.

  2. Danny is such a natural at anything he does it’s amazing! That’s my kind of nephew.. Love love love him! And Ezzy is such a trooper and willing to try anything, my kind of girl :) Thanks for going w/Brian even though you havn’t been before!! Hope you liked it enough to want to go again :)

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