5 Replies to “bombs away”

  1. Adam’s awesome, I laughed foreverrrrr what a fun time it looks like they all had! The one where Brian throws Spence on Wompy’s sled is funny too!! Glad he captured all those priceless moments :)

  2. We went up White Pass for this too. There is a DOT rockery just a little ways up the mountain. And it has a couple of different places to park so it’s pretty popular. The guys liked it so much that they decided that is their new favorite place to go when it is our year for Christmas. :)

  3. Ok, that pretty much made me laugh out loud. That was awesome. Tell Adam, that I have a new car now, and that he doesn’t have to worry about me any longer making it up the hill in my mini van. Tell him to stop losing sleep wondering if I do have someone to pull me up the hill with a four wheeler. I am all taken care of now. LOL.

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