say goodbye to summer

Our summer vacay ended with some time at Aunt Jaimee’s house in Logan. The kids played with cousins that they rarely see, tried their hand at fishing, and played non-stop in and out of the water. Man, we had a great time!







We sure were glad to come home to daddy though. A huge thanks to all of the tias and grandma and grandpa Penning for hosting us this summer. The kids had a blast visiting new places and meeting new family and friends. Summer 2009 was my first real summer as a mom. And for that, I am grateful.

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  1. I for one am grateful you came to stay w/us so much — It was great seeing all of you so much this summer and to get to know the kids that much better! Also thanks a ton for coming out earlier than expected to help me w/the whole “part-time bed rest” situation ;-) Your the best sister ever!!!

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