get your dance on, halloween style


“Just Dance” was the hit of our church’s Halloween party! Too bad Jo Jo ate an entire bowl of candy (oh yes, there was much puke!)…he didn’t get to participate since he already had his share of the Halloween goods! Well Jo, there’s always next year!


recent hiking activity

October–Hidden Falls

November–First Creek

Soccer has slowed us down this season, but we are trying to get back into hiking. Last weekend, I taught Annie what an echo was when we were in the canyon. She has been “awooooing” ever since. She hasn’t exactly figured out why the sound doesn’t echo back the same when she is in the front yard. ADORABLE!

We are planning on Angel’s Landing the day after Thanksgiving. Anyone game?

victoria’s baptism


We drove up to Washington in March for Victoria’s baptism. I try to make it to as many special events as I can. After all, that’s what a Penning does. That’s what my parents taught me to do. And I enjoy doing it. I really really like my family…especially my nieces and nephews! I suppose that being Anutie for so many years before getting married helped solidify their places in my heart. :)


hiking and biking

Day hike to Cape Falcon.

Super troopers, all the way to the end. And check out that view!!!

I will always be in love with the Oregon Coast. There is nothing like it. The kids also did a lot of biking with their daddy while on vacation.

easy cheesy

While staying in Seaside, we took a day trip to Tillamook, OR for the “cheese tour.”

The drive had spectacular views:

There were cows and cheese aplenty:

And the ice cream was to die for:

Actually, Tillamook ice cream is my most favorite ice cream on the planet.
And the cheese is my family’s favorite–although I (the cheese hater) would know nothing about that.

ones you have yet to meet


Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Harvey
Terrace Heights Cemetary (July 2010)

I know how much Grandma Harvey would have adored the ninos (and does from afar now). She would have called them her precious little angels. She passed away in 2003, nine months before Adam and I got married. Grandpa Harvey passed away Christmas 2007, just eight months before we traveled to Bogota. He was the gruff, WWII type. You know, the guy who was tough on the outside, but a teddy bear on the inside. The guy who would give you the shirt off his back and the shoes off his feet. He and Nikki would have been best buddies. I can see her sneaking her way onto his lap and into his heart.


Can’t wait for the ninos to meet them in person one day. For now, pictures and stories will have to suffice.

say goodbye to summer

Our summer vacay ended with some time at Aunt Jaimee’s house in Logan. The kids played with cousins that they rarely see, tried their hand at fishing, and played non-stop in and out of the water. Man, we had a great time!







We sure were glad to come home to daddy though. A huge thanks to all of the tias and grandma and grandpa Penning for hosting us this summer. The kids had a blast visiting new places and meeting new family and friends. Summer 2009 was my first real summer as a mom. And for that, I am grateful.