to nana’s house we go

After July 4th weekend ended, the kids and I spent a month in my hometown, Yakima, escaping the heat of the Las Vegan desert. From the pictures you can tell how much time the kids spent outside. From dawn until dusk they slip-n-slided, filled water balloons, rode bikes, and swam–just how I remembered my childhood…

We also spent some time in the mountains.

The kids very much enjoyed meeting loads of new family, playing with nana’s dogs, and getting to know their other cousins a little better. The best part was stepping outside and not feeling my life drain instantly from my body as the scorching heat sucked it right out of me. :) Yeah, that was definitely the best part. Now that we are nearing the end of September and temps are back into the 90’s, things like grocery shopping at midday and touching my steering wheel and seatbelt have become bearable once more. I know, I know, it could always be worse–we could live in Phoenix. :)

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  1. You guys amaze me…King and Queen of Adventure! I would be so tired- taking 4 kids hiking and doing and never stopping. I would like to see a picture of everyone laying down taking a nap or watching a movie. It sure would make me feel good about my efforts here on the homefront. :)

  2. Hey now! Phoenix is awesome – and it would be so much fun to have you here . . but I understand about the heat. It’s good it’s only hot for a few months out of the year. Your children are so beautiful! What wonderful adventures you have given them already!

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