summer wrap up

Found these photos on my phone from this summer…

Danny at Camp Invent with his church buddy, Spencer:

Petting Zoo at Terrace Heights Library in Yakima:

Settlers, Settlers, and more Settlers:

Setting Up Grandma’s Classroom:

Gymnastics at the Rec Center:

nine feet under

While in Washington this summer, my sweet friend, Ginger, invited us swimming at her mom’s house. Oh, the memories. I spent much time there when I was a teenager. It was wonderful to see G’s mom and sisters and daughters. Ginger is one of the kindest people I know. It is one of her greatest qualities.


While we were there, all four ninos conquered their lingering fear of the “deep end,” once and for all. The deep end at this pool was a whopping nine feet! It was each nino’s first time on a real diving board, which was so fun to watch. Another thing I take for granted because I grew up with one in my backyard. There was no stopping them after the very first jump.


Another dear friend from high school, Jenny, joined us. Jenny and I have experienced so much together…even traveling across Europe. Man, I miss those days. We had so much fun together growing up and maturing into adulthood together. She is one of my best friends. We’ve known each other since we were nine.


I love peeking into both of my friends’ lives whenever I visit Yakima. I love them dearly. I just wish we lived closer so our children could really get to know each other. I also wish that I had more time to see them when I am in town. I never feel like I have enough time there…but we try to make the most of it.

Gone are the days of AAU basketball and sleepovers and Friday nights on the north hill of the football stadium. We have all traded up for great husbands, and gardens, and staying home with our beautiful children. I wouldn’t trade any of that.

To my friends–I love still having you both in my life. I smile when I think of each of you, and all the memories we possess. True treasures!



My favorite memory from Nana and Papa’s this summer was catching imaginations at play in the back yard. It so reminded me of my own childhood in that very same yard.

All of the cousins were whining one day that it was too hot, and that there was nothing to do. Excuse me…bounce house, pool, gigantic lawn, awesome sand pit, 11 children, and I could go on. Anyway, all the moms chimed in at once, “go use your imaginations and don’t come in until lunch.”

When we went out to check on the crew, they were taking old building supplies from around the property and making forts. They had divided into two teams and were having a contest to see which fort would be the best built. It was hilarious to see what they came up with for building materials.

(notice Nikki sitting on a chair with her legs crossed letting everyone else do the work…)


Well, they never finished their projects because Brooklynn stepped on a nail, which quickly put the kibosh on using papa’s old building materials. But they had a great time trying.

JULY 2010

looking forward

Summer will quickly be upon us here in the desert. And you all know how cranky I get when summer comes. So I try and make the summer as busy as possible for myself so that I can endure the baking hot sun.

Here is what we are planning:

Zion Nat’l Park, of course. Year six. We leave tomorrow.

Spring Mountain Ranch, Willy Wonka. Planning this outing for months now with friends. So excited to take the kids to their first official play.
Camp Invent. Danny is going to his first invention camp with a buddy. He is totally stoked.
Bear Lake. The kids and I are planning a week at the lake with my mom and sister. (Adam will be in China on business–boo, boo!)
Swim lessons. Hopefully we can squeeze a couple of these in. :)

Grandma Penning Visits. YAY!
Relay for Life. We are going to Oregon to participate in Team Georgie this summer. So Excited!
Washington. Oh how I love escaping the desert heat, trading it in for two weeks in Yakima. I can’t wait to hang with my family, scrap with Jes, camp at Rainier with cousins, and see old friends and their children.

The Beach. Yes! Who love the Oregon Coast? We do. We do. We have been planning this vacation since Thanksgiving with my parents and siblings. One whole week in Seaside with my family. The kids are going to learn to body surf this time around. Can’t wait for vacation with my hubby and kiddos.

say goodbye to summer

Our summer vacay ended with some time at Aunt Jaimee’s house in Logan. The kids played with cousins that they rarely see, tried their hand at fishing, and played non-stop in and out of the water. Man, we had a great time!







We sure were glad to come home to daddy though. A huge thanks to all of the tias and grandma and grandpa Penning for hosting us this summer. The kids had a blast visiting new places and meeting new family and friends. Summer 2009 was my first real summer as a mom. And for that, I am grateful.