nine feet under

While in Washington this summer, my sweet friend, Ginger, invited us swimming at her mom’s house. Oh, the memories. I spent much time there when I was a teenager. It was wonderful to see G’s mom and sisters and daughters. Ginger is one of the kindest people I know. It is one of her greatest qualities.


While we were there, all four ninos conquered their lingering fear of the “deep end,” once and for all. The deep end at this pool was a whopping nine feet! It was each nino’s first time on a real diving board, which was so fun to watch. Another thing I take for granted because I grew up with one in my backyard. There was no stopping them after the very first jump.


Another dear friend from high school, Jenny, joined us. Jenny and I have experienced so much together…even traveling across Europe. Man, I miss those days. We had so much fun together growing up and maturing into adulthood together. She is one of my best friends. We’ve known each other since we were nine.


I love peeking into both of my friends’ lives whenever I visit Yakima. I love them dearly. I just wish we lived closer so our children could really get to know each other. I also wish that I had more time to see them when I am in town. I never feel like I have enough time there…but we try to make the most of it.

Gone are the days of AAU basketball and sleepovers and Friday nights on the north hill of the football stadium. We have all traded up for great husbands, and gardens, and staying home with our beautiful children. I wouldn’t trade any of that.

To my friends–I love still having you both in my life. I smile when I think of each of you, and all the memories we possess. True treasures!

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