rachie day, take five

How does a new mom of four celebrate Rachie Day:

1. French Toast and strawberries in bed

–delivered by the most adorable brown-skinned beauties you have ever seen.

2. Gorgeous flowers arranged in my grandmother’s carnival glass vase

–arranged by mine truly. 

3. Watching three of the four ninos sing (I Often Go Walking…) their hearts out with the primary

–the fourth was, well, singing his own tune in the van with daddy. :)

4. Dinner with the McCrackens

–the men planned, prepped, and cleaned a “Tour of Italy.” (I am sure it was delicious)

5. One yummy back massage, and another amazing card from Adam

–a perfect ending to a perfect day…………as a new mom!

5 Replies to “rachie day, take five”

  1. Love that your day was so great, except for number three, of course. Thank you for thoughtfully dropping off those photos after/during church. It made my Mother’s Day!

  2. If you are really going to celebrate the Day of Mothers, then it wouldn’t be real without a little misbehaving from at least one. Right? I mean, to celebrate motherhood can’t be ALL roses and chocolate. That’s my take anyway. I am glad you had a great day- thumbs up on the back rub!

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