Zackary Jameson’s grand entrance


Baby Lea has actually been a part of our lives for as long as we have had the ninos. And now he is finally, and officially, here! 

The night Zackary was born, I took the ninos to see their new little cousin, and they were in total awe over the new little alien. I think they were in even more awe over their Tia. They were curious about everything, and they had a million questions for her, which she answered in typical patient Tia style despite the fact that she was exhausted. These were firsts for the ninos–visiting someone in the hospital, and watching someone go through an entire pregnancy with a live little baby to show for it. I can tell that they understand the process a little more now. (Maybe Tia J. will eventually post some of those pics for everyone to see)

Welcome to the world, and the family, little Zack!

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