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66426645Nikki is actually really good. Our little princess is the fastest runner out of all the ninos. She also has the most natural stamina. She can’t hit the ball as hard as Danny, but she can hunt down and tag whoever the coaches tell her to. Maybe she will embrace her sporty side after all. She begs us to go on a walk every single night. I love it.

66576663Then there’s the Wompster. He and Nikki are on the same team. As you can see, our shortcake is a little behind Nikki in the speed department, but last game he actually tagged two people out at home. Impressive! The first two weeks he would purposely hit the tee instead of the ball because people would laugh. Then, after he was finally able to hit the ball, he would chase it instead of running to first base (most of the little ones do that at least). So mean mom made him sit out for a game, and he finally got “serious.” :)

66816690Ezzy tries so hard! She wants to do well, but sometimes falls short athletically in the shadow of her brother. Blast those oldest children! We are trying to create ways that she can shine in other areas, and here at home. Regardless, Ezzy loves to run and play and have fun. And that is what this little league is all about. Her coordination has some catching up to do, but she was able to get a couple of runs last week. She thought that was totally awesome. Of course, she and her friend, Erica, kept calling them “home runs.” Hilarious!

66846702Athletically speaking, Danny just gets it. He intuitively knows what to do, usually without explanation. He can hit hard, run fast, throw far. Baseball is right up his ally, although he is happy playing any sport or just being outside. Well, he would be “happier” if we let him exercise his vegging muscles in front of the tv or wii more! :) (Dream on, bud!)


Adam has absolutely loved the past month of baseball. The kids beg to play catch with him now. And he is most happy to oblige. They didn’t really even know how to do it before. Imagine, an eight year old little boy not knowing how to play catch, or even knowing it was possible! The things we take for granted. And now they have a daddy to do it with.

We are grateful that this little league was formed through the church. We made a conscious decision when deciding how to parent to not let sports dictate our schedules or our lives. But we also want the kids to have fun and develop their physical talents. This particular little league is only one night a week (the practice and game) for eight weeks, it is free, and it is non-competitive. PERFECT for us! I think a lot of other parents must feel the same way because there are over 250 kids participating. It is a new program, and I think it is here to stay.


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  1. I am so glad they like it and its going so well, so much fun!! we are doing soccer in the fall so yall can get geared up for that. I love the pictures, they are so good and its looks like the kids are having so much fun

  2. I have never heard of that for kids through church, but it’s such a great idea! You captured some really neat moments there! Good job, mom.

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