got family?


Since my entire immediate family planned to come down the end of March, we jumped at the chance to update our group family photo. I think it turned out great for a somewhat spur of the moment, in the midst of chaos, and set the timer and run kind of picture. Here are some other snaps that turned out.

We also took a quick photo with Adam’s family a few months ago. We posted those on the photo site awhile ago, and I finally got my sweet husband to post them in the blog gallery. It makes me super happy when I see the pictures of all of the grandkids together. I LOVE IT. Hopefully, we will be able to add more to the chaos in the future.


*thanks for the letting us borrow the lighting equipment, Val*

5 Replies to “got family?”

  1. I love Whompy’s face in both of the McCracken family pics! What a ham!

    I can never good group shots with me in them…heck I can hardly get one when someone else takes it! :) I love the playground pictures! Family pictures are always great!

  2. Such good pictures! I love them. The one of everyone at the park is stunning. I’ve never seen so many people at once smiling so big! Good job.

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