this is why i do it…


1. Nikki decoded the difference between the “ones” and “tens” columns–FINALLY

2. Ezzy proved mastery in carrying double digits–FINALLY

3. Danny melted down during reading–UNEXPECTED
–my little perfectionist. We are so much alike. We want to be great the first time, at everything. So we had a long mommy-son talk about it. The great thing is that I connected in a way that I haven’t really been able to with him before.

4. Juan P. woke up on the wrong side of the bed–YUCKY
–he has yet to do his reading lesson, which proves that everything is not peachy all of the time!

5. All four ninos are on the cusp of memorizing Article of Faith #9–in one afternoon

6. We had time to discuss (not just read about) Christ’s Atonement
–the ninos’ questions were so good, they are slowly emerging into Logic stage. Sweet!

7. We checked on our clay Cuneiform tablets (pictures coming), which are in the process of drying. And we read about Cleopatra.

8. Perhaps most important, we continued learning the beginning blends.
–these are so hard for my ninos. They love substituting (r) for (l) in words like blood, flock, click, etc…I spent almost an hour with each child plucking through this for the second day in a row. Attention they just simply can’t get in a full classroom. Plus, I love them more so I push them harder.

9. Right now they are using their Cuneiform chart to make up secret codes for their daddy, just for fun. School was out 45 minutes ago.
I guess I know what Adam will be doing after dinner. :)

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  1. Like I said, kudos to you – I lack the patience for these small victories!

    We have trouble with blends too. That’s why we go to speech therapy 2x per week ;). Claudia called herself “Cow-dia” until recently when her 1st grade teacher finally got her to put the “l” in there. Oscar, for instance, says “un-day” instead of “when” for some reason. I correct him every time I hear him say it. Diana’s speech is beginning to improve, her problems are so severe that she sometimes sounds like she is deaf when she speaks. Mayerly is doing the best with the English – I can usually get her to say things correctly after just having her repeat it a couple of times. She did say “quielo” instead of “quiero” when we first brought the kids home – so she has had her issues to overcome also.

    It’s a process, and I think we are moving steadily forward.


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