resident student, in miniature


Wherever we go, he goes. We love having the little guy around for school and field trips!

Did you know that he is actually a geography whiz? Okay, really he just likes our plastic blow up globe because it looks like a ball. He likes it so much that his mommy caved and bought him his own. I like to think he’s just plain ol’  genius. Having the little guy around makes missing my other nephews and nieces bearable. :)


He even took these with my camera (no help…okay maybe a little):


Having our resident student around has been so much fun. Can’t wait for the Holidays.

monthly review, september 2010


Great Harvest Bread Company:


The children learned about every step in the bread making process from harvesting the wheat to baking the finished product. They each got to take home a delicious loaf of bread and cookie. We L-O-V-E Great Harvest Bread Company.

Park Excursion:


We didn’t think  the turtles were real because they sat so still on the rocks, but then started to head for the shore:


As you can imagine, the children now want a pet turtle. We are actually more likely to cave to this request than the ever so popular dog request. What we didn’t get a picture of was the rabid birds attacking our Cafe Rio deliciousness. We ended up throwing a bunch of our food away because the pigeon problem was so bad. They were even dumpster diving right in front of us. I try really hard to forget their beady red eyes staring up at me from my Pork Salad.  Note to Self: No More Eating at the Aliante Dinosaur Park!


Language Arts:


–mastered beginning blends…difficult accomplishment for ELL learners

–copywork, copywork, copywork

–definition of a noun…lots of proper noun practice

Memory Work:

–Articles of Faith #7, 8, and 9

–Poems: Caterpillar and Work



–counting by fives and tens (Nikki)

–carrying and regrouping (Ezzy)

–Times Table memorization: zeros, ones, twos, and fives (Danny)

–basic math facts (Juan)




–discovering all things Ancient Egypt

–Making Cuneiform Tablets (Sumer)

And just for fun:



Science–curriculum just arrived last week

Piano–still trying to find my pedal and plug from the move

Book List–for the blog

this is why i do it…


1. Nikki decoded the difference between the “ones” and “tens” columns–FINALLY

2. Ezzy proved mastery in carrying double digits–FINALLY

3. Danny melted down during reading–UNEXPECTED
–my little perfectionist. We are so much alike. We want to be great the first time, at everything. So we had a long mommy-son talk about it. The great thing is that I connected in a way that I haven’t really been able to with him before.

4. Juan P. woke up on the wrong side of the bed–YUCKY
–he has yet to do his reading lesson, which proves that everything is not peachy all of the time!

5. All four ninos are on the cusp of memorizing Article of Faith #9–in one afternoon

6. We had time to discuss (not just read about) Christ’s Atonement
–the ninos’ questions were so good, they are slowly emerging into Logic stage. Sweet!

7. We checked on our clay Cuneiform tablets (pictures coming), which are in the process of drying. And we read about Cleopatra.

8. Perhaps most important, we continued learning the beginning blends.
–these are so hard for my ninos. They love substituting (r) for (l) in words like blood, flock, click, etc…I spent almost an hour with each child plucking through this for the second day in a row. Attention they just simply can’t get in a full classroom. Plus, I love them more so I push them harder.

9. Right now they are using their Cuneiform chart to make up secret codes for their daddy, just for fun. School was out 45 minutes ago.
I guess I know what Adam will be doing after dinner. :)

lunchtime ramblings

Danny: Mom, what do pandas eat?

Me: Mostly Bamboo.

Danny: Oh, okay.

Nikki: Mom, what do piggies eat?

Ezzy: Out of the garbage can, duh.

Nikki: Oh, okay.

*worried look on her face. mom secretly laughing inside*

Nikki: Mom, do I have to eat out of the garbage can?

Mom: No, Nikki, you can continue to eat at the table like all little girls.

*all other children, as well as mom, laughing out loud this time for a good five minutes*

Apparently we tell her that her room is a pig pen a little too often because now she actually thinks she is a little piggy. And as soon as quiet time is over, I am going to help Danny look up information about Panda Bears–his newest obsession. Yeah, like Kung Fu Panda had nothing to do with that spark. Or the fact that his stuffed panda accompanied him through his circumcision surgery yesterday. I love it when I have all four ninos home. It just feels right. :)