lunchtime ramblings

Danny: Mom, what do pandas eat?

Me: Mostly Bamboo.

Danny: Oh, okay.

Nikki: Mom, what do piggies eat?

Ezzy: Out of the garbage can, duh.

Nikki: Oh, okay.

*worried look on her face. mom secretly laughing inside*

Nikki: Mom, do I have to eat out of the garbage can?

Mom: No, Nikki, you can continue to eat at the table like all little girls.

*all other children, as well as mom, laughing out loud this time for a good five minutes*

Apparently we tell her that her room is a pig pen a little too often because now she actually thinks she is a little piggy. And as soon as quiet time is over, I am going to help Danny look up information about Panda Bears–his newest obsession. Yeah, like Kung Fu Panda had nothing to do with that spark. Or the fact that his stuffed panda accompanied him through his circumcision surgery yesterday. I love it when I have all four ninos home. It just feels right. :)

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