growing up juan p.


“Mommy, can you print me off a Halloween project to work on?” “Mommy, can I have more work today?” Mommy, can I work at the table instead of watching the movie?”

Seriously? When did he start growing into his age. Juan’s growth has been so gradual that we do not always notice the great amounts of headway he is making. But today was one of those days when I stopped and noticed that his behavior was much more age appropriate. Juan is our most emotionally driven nino. He is our most affectionate. He is our most sensitive. All of these wonderful qualities have made raising him up out of make-believe dreamland into reality a most challenging project.

Hard work does not just mean physically demanding labor. Raising Juan is a true labor of love and compassion and consistency. The work is tedious and constant. The fruits of this particular labor, however, are ever so slightly starting to bud. And that is such a sweet reward.

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  1. This is so great! Your such amazing parents, please teach me – we are both struggling so much w/Spencer right now and it seems to get worse instead of better — what do we do sister??? You always seem to have the answers and Juan is the proof you know what your doing ;-) love you!!

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