growing up juan p.


“Mommy, can you print me off a Halloween project to work on?” “Mommy, can I have more work today?” Mommy, can I work at the table instead of watching the movie?”

Seriously? When did he start growing into his age. Juan’s growth has been so gradual that we do not always notice the great amounts of headway he is making. But today was one of those days when I stopped and noticed that his behavior was much more age appropriate. Juan is our most emotionally driven nino. He is our most affectionate. He is our most sensitive. All of these wonderful qualities have made raising him up out of make-believe dreamland into reality a most challenging project.

Hard work does not just mean physically demanding labor. Raising Juan is a true labor of love and compassion and consistency. The work is tedious and constant. The fruits of this particular labor, however, are ever so slightly starting to bud. And that is such a sweet reward.

happy seventh, juan

June 2, 201085378543We went to Claim Jumper for your birthday dinner this year. You got a new bike from mom and dad. From your siblings you received a kick board and dive sticks for the pool. And of course, you were showered with lots of cards and money love from grandmas and aunties.

I think the best present is the amazing amount of growth we have seen in you the past six month–learning to read, taking responsibility for your actions, responding to directions, relaxing your frustrations, and melting down A LOT less. You chatter on non-stop, asking questions about anything and everything.

Your favorite thing to talk about right now is how things are made.Yesterday, you wanted to know how the ‘machine’ takes the poison out of the river and lake water so that we can drink it. You also used the phrase “welcome to my world” yesterday when your sisters were telling you how hard they had it sitting in the back seat of the car. I wonder from which parent you picked that up?

Love you, little man! It’s almost our two year Famiversary. But to us, it seems like we have known you since you were born. We are grateful for your smile in our home.

Mr. Stink

The setting: Last night, driving home in the truck.
The player: Juan P

“Hey Mom, before we go to Aunt Jaimee’s house, can I take a shower so I don’t stink the baby?”

Yes, you read that correctly, Juan wants to make sure that his new cousin is protected from the stink.

We love you Mr. Stink. And yes, please take a shower. Many.

“peep show,” anyone?


The boys had surgery a month ago–I am sure you can guess what they had done. They came through unscathed, and bounced back rather quickly. We had a little scare with Danny up at Zion, but we got through it. And now, everything looks great. The sisters were by their sides the entire time, except during surgery of course. They were very good little caretakers for a couple of days.


All I know is that I am ready for the nightly bath/vaseline routine to end. We have our final check-up this week sometime.

six years handsome


Juan P. got to make pizza for his birthday. He is a little obsessed with pizza right now, and he rarely gets it. So we thought it would be a fun birthday treat. Aunt Jaime made him a fruit pizza for his cake. Well, Aunt Val helped him decorate it, so it was a joint venture. Regardless, it was the yummiest birthday “cake” I have had in a long time. :)


Womps got the standard birthday hiking poles from us. And his Tios McCracken continued the Build-A-Bear tradition, which is ever so gracious. He LOVES his Girl Rainbow Bear that he picked out. She comes complete with a pink hat and rainbow skateboard. All because he thought she was beautiful, and because his tias are adorable push-overs! He named her Banana Baby. Yeah, I know!

Here’s a video of our handsome little guys:

Mother’s Day 2009

So, the plan was for all of the kids to help make breakfast for mommy and deliver it to her in bed. Mom tried to pry the secret out of them during the day on Friday, but they stayed strong! Saturday night trouble landed the girls in their bedrooms though, so it was just Daddy and the boys; they were super excited to help with Mommy’s special treat. We made French Toast and eggs, with juice and some strawberries. Bon Appetit!


wompy’s first day of school

6386Happy 1st day of school, Wompies!!!!!

You started school this week, St. Patrick’s Day 2009. We were able to qualify you for a special kinder program that runs through August 8th. Your classroom only has four other students in it. You get extra speech help two days per week. And you even have door to door bus service….seatbelt included. :) When dad and I left the school you were already holding the teacher’s hand and making new friends. No tears from you! I am so glad we waited six months to start you in school. It is clearly evident now that you are bonded and attached to both me and daddy.

Your teachers adore you. You are currently working on writing your name and identifying the rest of the alphabet letters that you do not know. And guess what? Since you started school, you haven’t had a single accident at night. We are keeping our fingers crossed on that one.

And here is a picture of you waiting for your very first bus ride.