happy seventh, juan

June 2, 201085378543We went to Claim Jumper for your birthday dinner this year. You got a new bike from mom and dad. From your siblings you received a kick board and dive sticks for the pool. And of course, you were showered with lots of cards and money love from grandmas and aunties.

I think the best present is the amazing amount of growth we have seen in you the past six month–learning to read, taking responsibility for your actions, responding to directions, relaxing your frustrations, and melting down A LOT less. You chatter on non-stop, asking questions about anything and everything.

Your favorite thing to talk about right now is how things are made.Yesterday, you wanted to know how the ‘machine’ takes the poison out of the river and lake water so that we can drink it. You also used the phrase “welcome to my world” yesterday when your sisters were telling you how hard they had it sitting in the back seat of the car. I wonder from which parent you picked that up?

Love you, little man! It’s almost our two year Famiversary. But to us, it seems like we have known you since you were born. We are grateful for your smile in our home.

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