things change


Never a truer title for our Memorial Day tradition this year. Year five, and our group has grown by five–and a half (Jena is due anytime). Okay four of those were my kiddos, but still!!! This Memorial Day was interesting to say the least. Let’s see: camping instead of hoteling, cooking instead of eating out, and braving inclement weather instead of basking at the spa. Kids mess everything up! :)

Here we are hiking:
And building/racing boats:
And traversing rivers:
And other fun stuff–a.k.a. canyons:

The kids had a blast, of course. We love love love car camping, but we already have our rooms reserved for next year. Adam promised me after this trip that if a canyon is involved we won’t have to camp. Thanks, honey. Only true canyon wives understand the sentiment, and that’s okay with me. :) The guys only did one canyon this year so they could spend more time with the kids. Next year, the kids will also be canyon-ready. They still have to learn to swim, and have a little more experience on the ropes. See here for Jaime’s trip report. She snapped the most adorable pics of the kids trying to catch rain in their mouths. And she also explained this year’s canyoning fiasco (there’s always at least one *wink, nod*). And here are the rest of our pics. Until next year, Beautiful Zion.

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  1. Fabulous pictures, as usual. What a fun and NEW weekend! I am so grateful we have been included in this tradition for the last few years and that the ninos (and Zackary) have joined the group, too.

  2. Oh boy…tent camping. You have to say NO MORE. We have done it 2 years in a row, and yes, we will keep up the tradition, but we totally were rained on this year and lots of other fun stuff. The boys had fun, and there were plenty of fun times for Eric and I, but WHOA, hard! Thanks for sharing your pictures- your kids are so lucky!!!

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