“hey, you look hot!”

That’s right! I was standing in the kitchen the other day in black pants and cute black sweater with my hair cutely done. My husband walked through the room and out of the blue said “hey, you look hot!” and then gave me lots of kisses. This might not seem like a big deal to some, but to me it’s huge. Adam hasn’t said that in a really really long time. He’s said I look pretty or beautiful or nice, but not hot. I still have so far to go in terms of fitting into all my clothes and looking the way I want, but it’s a start. The best part about the compliment is that it was totally unsolicited and honest.

I go to the doctor on Wednesday for a follow-up so I can get my current weight. I went to the doctor right before I started my training program so I’ll be able to get an accurate number on how much I’ve lost. I’m hoping for 20, but I’ll be happy with 15. I’ve been working out this past week, but I haven’t counted my calories since we’ve been working at my mom’s all week. So now I’m not sure where I’m at.

One more thing….I was able to jog almost all of my five miles the other day. I can walk miles and miles and miles, but I still can’t jog super lots. I was so proud of myself this week. I think it helps that I’m at a lower elevation and not fighting the monster hills. Thanks for the challenge Jena, I jogged about 3/4 of the five miles. SLC is only three weeks away–I’m soooo excited!!!

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  1. You are hot!!! That is so cute, now he needs to give my husband some lessons…;) Good job Rach on your miles that is such a milestone for you and I am so excited for you! Miss you and can’t wait for you guys to get here tonight!!!

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