Happy 30th Birthday, Adam

The big 30…and we’re not even together. Everyone help me give a shout-out to my beloved hubby. He left for Utah this morning, and I stayed behind to help my mom and sister with my grandpa’s stuff. We did have a chocolate cake for him last night. Well, we burnt the first attempt so instead of triple chocolate cake, he got chocolate fudge–sorry honey!!! With all the renovating around here, I’m impressed that we got the cake made. Easter dinner didn’t even happen…we had brunch instead.

I was also able to take him to Olive Garden on Saturday for his bday present. We skipped the movie since dinner was so expensive. We ended up registering at Target for the adoption shower instead. I told Adam that he could hold the gun and do the swiping, since it was his birthday. Generous, I know! (I’ll post about that experience w/ pics on the adoption blog this week) Cold Stone happened to be open until 11…so he also got a treat from there. The kid working gave us a few extra punches on the punch card for his bday. Yes, the punch card has returned. Thanks, Cold Stone! While we were on our date the rest of the family colored Easter eggs, of course. My mom made one especially for Adam–sooo cute! She hid it outside and made him search for it during the hunt yesterday. Thanks mom.

Adi, I know this is a pretty lame birthday, sorry. You are my very best friend. You are loyal and kind. You are gentle and loving. You are honorable and hard-working. You are everything I was waiting for! I would have waited another 27 years if it meant I could be with you.


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  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM DEAR, HAPPY DAYS WILL COME TO YOU ALL YEAR, IF I HAD ONE WISH THEN IT WOULD BE, A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FROM ME! Okay so I now officially am a primary teacher ;) Sorry you had to spend your birthday with us in a car for 11 hours, and almost getting pulled over but thanks to Michelle you got LUCKY!!! We love you and happy 30th!

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