One Little Tent—moab, ut


Check it! We were the only tent camping in any of the campgrounds or RV parks! I love it. One of the older RVer’s asked if we would like to borrow an extra blanket-cute, huh? We said, ‘no thanks, we actually went and bought one yesterday, and a pillow, and an extra cushion.’ (for real) But we were roasty toasty warm and much more comfy after that. And yes, we both have our laptops out inside of the tent. :)

We spent our three days here hiking in Arches, playing cards, watching movies, and eating. This is the best time to visit the park. Spring Breakers and Jeep Safariers were on their way in when we were on our way out. There were other visitors at Arches, but nothing like when we’ve been before. I think it helped that we didn’t stay over a weekend and we were a week ahead of the start of the ‘season’. We were actually the only people at Landscape Arch for few moments. Usually, it is so crowded you couldn’t dream of such a thing.

The rest of our pics are here!


Well, that about wraps is up. We had the best time on our shoestring budget. I know we spent more time “lookin’ at dirt” than some of our friends (Robert Lea) can muster. It was hard, fun, and rewarding. Our relationship is rejuvenated, as well as our resolve to keep exercising. There’s No Way I could’ve put the miles in I did (w/backpack) if I hadn’t been walking and jogging our hills with my sister.

SLC ½ marathon-I’m ready for you!

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