Bridges Over Troubled Waters—natural bridges national monument


Here’s another hidden Utah treasure. We stopped by after driving out to the Black Hole. We both wished we had more time to spend. There are three natural bridges that are much bigger than any bridges I have seen before. You can hike to all three of them.

We considered, earlier in our trip, hiking the nine-mile loop down in the canyon, which passes under each of them…but we were way too tired. This could be a super cool trip for the future, though. Instead, we hiked to each of the viewpoints and hiked down to the oldest bridge. Very Cool! We’re glad we stopped by. The rest of our pics are here!


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  1. Dang good to hear from you. Where have you two been? I guess hiking all over Utah. We may do that someday. Kind of lost track after you moved out of the ward. We are still in Hazelcrest. Really have no plans to go anywhere else at the moment. The kid’s still live in Phoenix. We still go there once per month and the next week they get to meet Justin. They are both excited.

    I have enrolled in school. University of Phoenix. Man is it expensive. They have way fewer hoops to jump through than t he community college or UNLV. I tried to get everything going at both of those schools but they make it sooooo damn difficult. They think that I have all the time and resources in the world to spend all day long trying to figure out how to get enrolled and all that jazz. So I said ‘poop’, opened the wallet and gave all the money to UoP. 5 times more than the community college but I am done in 2 years.

    I will be starting another job as well. Have to work 2 because we just barely make enough to cover expenses. So this will be interesting. I am predicting that I will quit school again, or die from lack of sleep. Maybe we need to invest in Rock Star energy drink.

    Anyway, hope all is well with you two. See you later.

  2. I love natural bridges, there are some up here in our corner of the world. Next time we will have to take you there and to the ice caves. I still love that pic of you. Oh, Adam’s cute too.

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