sooooooo busy and happy birthday

I have been so busy the past couple weeks. I traveled to Washington to help my mom and sister. My mom drove back with us for a week of Spring Break. I made FOUR scrap photo albums (okay, Adam helped with this). And in the midst of all of this I’ve worked 4-8 hours online every day–trying to wrangle some more adoption money. And I’ve continued training for the 1/2 marathon, which is only 10 days away at this point.

It’s the busiest I’ve been since June, and I’m glad for it. It makes the adoption waiting fly by. Adam and I are off to Las Vegas this weekend for an adoption shower that his mom and sister are throwing for us. My mom and Jaimee/Brian are also coming. More travel–yippee. I haven’t even washed our clothes from the Washington trip yet. Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jaime Lynne Lea this week!!! The McCrackens love ya, girl.

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes and the wildly emotional phone call last night. I can’t wait to see (photos of) the albums. But more importantly, I can’t wait to meet those kids.

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