fat to skinny, week 4

Has it really been four weeks since I started my fitness plan? Wow!!!! I can honestly say I have been dilligent in my exercise and my calorie counting. I am keeping up on my food log and my training schedule. I know I’ve lost some weight….not exactly sure how much because I was too chicken to get on the scale at the beginning.

I finally braved the scale last week and was disheartened, but not detoured. I cried on Adam’s shoulder about how much fatter I was than I thought….but it gave me the resolve to work harder. I dropped 1.5 lbs between then and Saturday so I know it’s working. Jaimee, Randi, and I keep working out together as much as we can. That helps with motivation… so do emails from Jena and walks with my husband. Preparing for our Spring Break excursion also motivates me. We plan to walk this evening with our backpacks on.

No crash dieters in this house!!! Hopefully the next four weeks will bring even more success as the 1/2 marathon is only eight weeks away, and Colombia is only about three months away. Here are week 1 and week 4 photos. I can only muster headshots at this point. And That’s Okay, right?





Well, here they are. I can tell a bit of a difference. Slow and Steady wins the race, right? Thanks everyone for your encouragement.

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  1. I can tell a difference! I am proud of you and can’t wait to have you guys to hang out with again. Keep up the hard work and I will join you in a few more weeks! Carter loves to be one of the big boys it will be great to let our families make memories together.

  2. Well I finally caught up my reading on your blog! LOL when I saw the pics in the sink, so cute! But I really do see a huge difference in my opinion with your whole body, I can say that since I live with you and see you everyday! :) loving it btw!!! So congrats and keep going cause there is a difference and I can see it especially in that cute pink sweater you couldn’t fit in earlier this year but now you do, hello that’s gotta tell you something, right!! love you

  3. I’m happy you posted the update! Recently I started my attempt to lose weight and I was wondering how you are doing, but I didn’t feel that I know you well enough to ask. Keep up the good work! Even if you don’t share a “body shot” on the blog you should take one for your own comparison later on.

    I can understand the “weigh-in” trauma. I weighed myself a few weeks ago, as my start point, and I did it with clothes on at lunchtime, knowing that the next time I weighed in I would do it naked in the morning before breakfast. (TMI I know.)

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