my poor future children :)


This is what happens when I Leave My Husband in Charge!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brooklynn heard me tell Uncle Adam to put Spencer in the sink to rinse off his bum (he’s had a terrible rash) when his feeding was finished. I disappeared downstairs to a stimulating shift of grading papers. After I went downstairs, Brookie asked Uncle Adam if she could get her swimsuit on and get in the kitchen sink too. You all know my cute easy-going husband so you can picture the sly smile on his face and shrug in his shoulders as he says, “sure.” Since bathtime is both Brooke and Spence’s favorite thing, they had a blast. By the time I came up for a break, Brooklynn was still in the sink as pruny as could be and still playing gleefully. Mind you, she has both a huge bathtub and hottub at her disposal. It just goes to show what fun we can create in our homes if we are a little slower to say ‘NO’…especially as moms.


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  1. All I could do is laugh when I saw this post how fun and cute is this. I know it’s a big sink but Brooky is 7. I have a funny feeling that my kids won’t fit in a sink at the age of 7. I totally agree with the saying no to quickly. I definatley need to remember that saying no is not always the choice if it is for your own convinece.

  2. Well, we all know Jaimee’s the runt of the family. Therefore, her children are also runts–truly. It will work to Brooke’s advantage in about 20 year.

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