moab and beyond

Adam’s spring break is quickly approaching. We decided to do something outdoorsey. Both Yellowstone and Yosemite are still snowed in so to Southern Utah we go!!! Here’s our itinerary:

March 6–drive to Monticello, prepare backpacks etc…

March 7-10–Grand Gulch (Bullet Canyon), 22 miles; this backpacking trip is full of Anasazi ruins and beautiful canyons.

March 11-13–Moab/Arches National Park; we plan to hike Devil’s Garden and Delicate Arch, and just relax. Of course, we had to pick a campground that has wireless internet. :)

March 14-15–Chesler Park (Canyonlands National Park), 17 miles; this is a one-nighter and my choice for the trip. It is located in The Needles District and looks like a blast.

March 16–drive back to Logan and relax.

Doesn’t this look fun? It’s also a way for us to go on vacation and for me to get my mileage in for SLC. I can’t wait to see the ruins. I can’t wait to beat my husband at cards by headlamp. I can’t wait to bask in the warmth of Southern Utah.

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  1. You AMAZE me! My dream vacation would probably include no hiking, no tents, no basking in Southern Utah beauty. Ahh, I want to be just like you when I grow up. And I can’t wait to see the amazing pics you post from your trip.

  2. I’m SO jealous!! That looks like such a fabulous vacation!! Totally not relaxing, but amazing nonetheless. I wish I got to be one of your kids!! They are the luckiest!!

  3. I’m with Jess on this one! I totally love camping and going on walks but actual hiking to get to your destinations um I wish you all the fun. I know that is your thing to do so I know you two will have a great time. You always have a great time when your together no matter what your doing love yall!

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