are you crazy too?

I would usually post this sort of thing on our adoption blog, but thought it more fittingly placed here. Adam and I had a four hour psychological evaluation last week. Colombians place psychologists and their adoption evaluations in high importance. As part of our evaluation, we took the MMPI II personality test per Colombia’s request. This is a long true/false 567 question test. The main purpose of this test is to detect which, if any, personal, social, or behavioral problems an individual who is troubled may posess.

Here are a few of our favorites (remember they are t/f statements):

1. I have felt posessed by evil spirits at times.

2.  At times I feel like swearing.

3. Parts of my body often have feelings like burning, tingling, crawling, or like “going to sleep”.

4. I’ve never vomitted blood or coughed up blood.

5. Once a week or oftener I suddenly feel hot all over, for no reason.

6. Someone has been trying to influence my mind.

7. At one or more times in my life, I felt that someone was making me do things by hypnotizing me.

We will get our personal results back at our follow-up consult. The psychologist said not to expect much out of it though (which is supposed to be good). That shows how well he knows us, right? Oh yeah, he also said that we both appear to have strong egos! Maybe he does know us better than we thought. :)

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  1. I want you to post your answers to these questions! How funny! Thanks for sharing this.
    I would have a hrad time with this test, when I read number 2 I thought, “who doesn’t?” Then I would be wanting to put no because I never actually do it. Maybe this answers your question, of are you crazy too? :)

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