the king and i, take two…

25682571Well, we were supposed to go a couple of weeks ago with the Hirschi clan to The King and I , but my cramping kept us home. Luckily, there was a big group going so we didn’t spoil anyone’s fun. Jaimee changed our tickets to Monday in case I was feeling better. I love the theatre and I really wanted to go so I dressed up and we braved the snowy coldness (nothing like Jessica’s expedition to Riverdance) . We made it to intermission and I couldn’t sit any longer. I was so glad we got out for a couple of hours though. Adam was a trooper as always. I threw this picture in for kicks. It reminds me how amiable and adorable my husband is. He’s been a great caregiver this past month. I love you Adi!!!

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  1. Aahhhhh what a cute picture of Ads! I wonder who took that awesome picture of the two of you hhmmmm ;) I’m glad you made it period! And I’m glad you got to at least see the beginning it was a great play huh!! xoxo

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