adam’s backyard campout


Adam had his own little campout last week. Just him, his tent, and the backyard. He tried to get me to snuggle with him, but I said, “no way.” Why would I want to trek into the house through the snow to use the bathroom during the night when I could have the king size bed all to myself. So Adam loaded up his arms with flashlight, sleeping bag, and coat. He had a great time. It gave him the chance to try out our new tent–well it’s actually a year old, but had never been set up–and to test out the warmth of his sleeping bag.


Spencer wanted to get in on the camping action, but alas, he’s a bit too little yet. Adam is sooooooo excited to bring our children home from Colombia. He can’t wait to have little ones to pal around with. He can barely contain his excitement for next year when he’ll have boys to take on campouts and hikes.

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  1. SO SO SO CUTE!!! Love this post! And I think that pic of Spencer having to have his hands on his stuff is perfect b/c that’s how he is with EVERYTHING!! Well I think Brian still owes you $5 bucks since Adam made it through the night he lost that bet so I’ll get on that, stat!!! :)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! I have the most hilarious, adorable big brother in the world. He and Robert make a perfect pair, too. It’s like when Robert got a drill for Christmas and he wanted to sleep with it every night. Where do they come up with this stuff!??

    We got so lucky in the cute husband department! I am so proud of you for capturing this on film, too. It’s just so cool! Adam is SO COOL!

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