Elk Park


On Saturday, we went to the Hardware Ranch, a wildlife management area created in 1945 by the state of Utah. Each winter, hundreds of elk gather in the valley to be fed for the winter. In the ’40s, the elk caused too many problems by foraging in people’s yards throughout Cache Valley, so the state created this place to keep them out of trouble.

During the winter, they have sleigh rides through the herd. Our guide told us that the elk are bullies; if deer try to come get the hay, they are summarily forced out! On the way up there, I even saw a moose! (They get kicked out by the elk too.) I never knew there were moose in Utah.

Brooklynn brought her friend and next-door neighbor Braden. He is one of the cutest and most photogenic kids around. Lots of snowballs thrown! All in all, a great Saturday.


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  1. Great pics! You should email your website to Heidi so she can see your blog on their famous son! Thanks for coming with us Adam it was nice to have a professional photographer there ;) Rach you were missed but we know you wanted to be there and was in spirit! xoxoxo

  2. See, this is why you guys are so cool… you go places and you do stuff and then you take pictures. You don’t just stay home and act lame. :) Can’t wait until you live closer so we can go places and do stuff together. You will bring us out of our lameness.

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