Temple Worship

I love the temple. We went to the Ogden Temple after our homestudy interview yesterday (Adam wanted to check it off his “list”). It was a glorious session. I think temple attendance is my most favorite thing about being LDS. We can now get back to our standing weekly temple date.

Please, go to the temple my friends. Go as much as you can. Go every week. And, if you can’t go every week, go once every two weeks or once a month…but don’t go longer than that if proximity allows. It makes our lives better, it makes our marriages stronger, it makes our testimonies deeper, it makes our connection with the divine clearer. Go when you’re sad, go when you’re happy, go when you don’t feel like or you think you’re too busy…Just Go.

I am grateful for temples.

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  1. Gee that must mean I need to go, cause it feels like your talking to me which means inside I know I need to do it! I’m glad you guys made it there after so long, and it sounds like it was a nice night!

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