service project…ensign ranch


A little bit of work.


Then a little bit of play.


Equals another McCracken Camping Adventure!! We headed up Snoqualmie Pass to camp and work at one of our church’s camps a couple of weeks ago. We picked up debris on the trails, prepared tee pees and tents for upcoming girls camps, and had a lot of fun with new acquaintances. We are loving camping near rivers and trees. It’s pretty amazing up here. I grew up camping and exploring in the Northwest. And, yet, the beauty and grandeur of this area of the country still blows me away now that I am back…experiencing it through my children’s eyes.

As we speak, the kids are in the backyard playing in a rainstorm. Even though we still get 300 glorious days of sunshine a year, here in Central Washington, we also get plenty of moisture and lovely spring rain, summer thunderstorms, and rain and snow in the winter. A perfect four seasons of balance, if you ask me.  Ezzy and Nikki just came to me and said, “mom, it smells SO good outside. Like real rain.” :) They are loving exploring every bit of their new version of the outdoors.

*And can I get a shout out for camping two weekends in a row while pregnant. Thank you!!

in two weeks…

In two weeks, Danny will be baptized in our friends’ pool.

In two weeks, the six of us will be dressed in white looking toward eternity.

In two weeks, the kids will finally meet primos Victoria and Chase.

In two weeks, I get to squeeze newly adopted baby Truxton, and brand new baby Leslie.

In two weeks, we will join with family and friends in great celebration.

…………………… two weeks

Temple Worship

I love the temple. We went to the Ogden Temple after our homestudy interview yesterday (Adam wanted to check it off his “list”). It was a glorious session. I think temple attendance is my most favorite thing about being LDS. We can now get back to our standing weekly temple date.

Please, go to the temple my friends. Go as much as you can. Go every week. And, if you can’t go every week, go once every two weeks or once a month…but don’t go longer than that if proximity allows. It makes our lives better, it makes our marriages stronger, it makes our testimonies deeper, it makes our connection with the divine clearer. Go when you’re sad, go when you’re happy, go when you don’t feel like or you think you’re too busy…Just Go.

I am grateful for temples.