And they call this vacation?


Upon arriving in Yakima, I was immediately put to work. After painting the Lee’s laundry room and bathroom, I had a new job – putting up lights. Since I love the lights, I guess it’s a good gig.
Jim (Rach’s dad) had already put a lot of lights out, but this is a year for celebration, so we needed more. By the time we were done, several more trips were made to WalMart, Target, Kmart, and Home Depot – all in search of the “right” lights to complete our holiday festivities. All of it adds up to a beautiful Griswold family Christmas!


A few frozen fingers and toes later, we had all the bushes covered in lights. New for this year are the lighted candy canes adorning the second story railing and the front tree – but you’ll just have to wait for those pics!


Soon after this, we were headed to Stevenson, WA for fun with Dan and Jessica. In addition to my first trip to Portland, we returned to the newly named “Davenport Falls” to get some pictures I didn’t get last time due to ummm… technical difficulties — apparently you need these memory card thingies in these new digital cameras — who knew?!

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  1. So loving the pic of the tree thru the window. That is a classic Christmas shot. Just gorgeous.

    Also, having troubles posting on the adoption blog because I am a dork. But I am thinking about you all the time and praying this works. It’s your turn, by golly. And I love you both!

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