How Lame…

I’ve decided to stop the lameness! Who wants to check a lame blog that is never updated? I know that I don’t. Of course, a death in the family, an unexpected pregnancy accompanied by complications, and traveling the last month has taken its toll. Regardless, these are things I should be blogging, not lamenting as I lie in bed doing NOTHING.

Although we probably deserve a serious Christmas do-over, we are looking to the future. I am focused on my upcoming 32nd birthday (only 7-1/2 weeks away). I will share it with my best friends and sisters, as we scrap the weekend away. Adam looks toward our most sacred friendship tradition (four years running)–Memorial Weekend @ Zion National Park. He loves planning it with his best buddies. And we both continue to work on our adoption. With our pregnancy up in the air, we take comfort in knowing we will be parents one way or another.

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