Thank Heaven For Little Boys–I Think


Recently, the Penning family has exploded by way of baby boys. Starting with Logan in December 2005 and ending (Hopefully) yesterday with the birth of baby Heyden–both belonging to Lindsey and Seth. Michael and Leticia’s baby Chase was just born a few weeks ago. And in the middle of it all there is seven month old Spencer, who belongs to Jaimee and Brian. I keep telling Adam we must adopt all girls to even everything out. Poor Brooklynn and Victoria….where have all their supposed girl cousins gone?  They must be patiently waiting in Colombia for Adam to finish school.

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We are not used to being outnumbered. In fact, girls have ruled the roost for a couple of generations–especially in the Smith line, which is where most of our girls cousins and aunts remain. We are heading to Washington next weekend for Chase and Heyden’s baby blessings. I’ll post some pics of Heyden then. Welcome To The Family Chase and Heyden. Prepare to be SPOILED!!!

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